wedding-flowersA good, honest and successful working relationship is crucial when planning an event , none more so than when that event is to be the ‘best day of your life’ ….oooooooo ! No pressure !

By the time the first wedding consultation ends I need to be sure that my potential client is confident that they have chosen the right company for the job.

Cynically speaking we all know that the moment you mention the W word certain unscrupulous event providers develop pound signs in their eyes, it is rotten …just at a time where you need honesty and the personal touch like never before .

My advice is go with your gut instinct, it is pretty obvious at that first meeting if the person you are potentially going to be working with has your best interest at heart.
Whether it is catering, photographer, flowers or cake each one of these providers should be taking the trouble to get to know you and to create a bespoke experience regardless of budget.

A jam jar posy should be made with no less love and care than the hanging gardens of Babylon.
Having seen our work before at his sister’s wedding in 2008 Nick contacted me from his home in Los Angeles, he and his fiancé were coming back to the UK for their spring wedding but not until January.
I think It is fair to say that my obsession with all things coral coloured probably cinched the deal but Elizabeth and I knew straight away that we were going to get along just fine and I am so excited to be a part of their stylish English country wedding at the very beautiful Wiston House.
Largely by email and pinterest ( aka my new full time time wasting ) we had managed to narrow down the content and style of the arrangements before we actually shook hands !
Thanks to technology long distance planning is relatively simple , it just requires a little more detail in print .
Once Apple invent a smellovision App the entire virtual consultation will be in the bag 🙂