The flowery world is a mixed bag, no two days the same .
A week full of weddings can unfortunately , just as easily be superceeded by a week full of Funerals.
I tend to get on my soap box a bit where funeral work is concerned !
This is how it works …..
The bereaved visit the Funeral Director to make the necessary arrangements, who then steers their client towards the Florist that they have a contract with . So far , so good right? You are grief stricken and haven’t done this before so it’s great to have the Funeral Directors professionalism to eliminate the stress.

funeral-flowersIt comes at a price ! Often the Florist will have to give the Funeral Home as much as 30 percent in return for the introduction. ( naturally this means 30 percent less flowers for the Florist to play with).Traditionally the bereaved are then shown a portfolio of funeral tributes that they can choose from. The Gates of Heaven , The Vacant seat etc … Ok , so I am giving you the extreme bad taste options but you get my gist.

It’s wrong ! So wrong ! This last floral gesture is just as meaningful and significant as booking your wedding flowers if not more so.
I am passionate about funeral work, and a meaningful consultation is essential to getting the interpretation right.

Often the peculiar ritual that we go through to say goodbye to someone precious and so loved for decades is allocated 30 minutes at the crematorium ( I struggle with this concept ! )
As with the care and love poured into the eulogy we feel that the same should apply to the flower arrangements that you choose.

30 precious minutes to do justice to your loved one at their leaving party requires care and thought.
A tiny posy of lily of the valley or a beautiful wicker casket cascading with scented English country garden blooms, the flag of St Andrews depicted in Scottish thistle and gorgeous avalanche roses, or a dramatic tropical wave of exotic blooms , whatever style you choose our job is to work hand in hand with the client and personalise our contribution to this enormously important occasion.

As with all ‘ occasion’ flowers we must learn to question any standardised arrangement . Red roses at St Valentines Day do not guarantee love.

Not all Mums like Daffs.
Wedding flowers need not be white.
I do not like chrysanthemums and if my children are listening ….I will haunt you !!!