Valentines-roseWrite your Blog , write your Blog everyone keeps saying…
When ? I never have time I have retorted for the past three years !
Well, 2015 is the time and when better than during the lull before the biggest storm of the year blows in ? St Valentines Day.

St Valentine may have been formally removed from the Roman Catholic Church calendar but he is still extremely prominent in others including mine .
Love it or hate it , you are hard pushed to avoid it …another Hallmark occasion.
I received my first Anonymous red rose at the tender age of 14, I vividly remember the tacky gold box with its clear front and red and gold satin bow.
A single , rather bedraggled red rose stuffed inside like a museum piece.
Thirty years later it is still a mystery .. Not only who sent it , but who in their right mind decided that any girl would be impressed by such a token ?
With hind sight that first ‘ love token ‘ stood me in good stead

When my thoughts turn to designing bouquets for St Valentines Day tacky gold boxes and naff ribbons are top of my ‘don’ts.’
There is an abundance of floral romance at my finger tips …so how do I choose ?
Keep it real that’s how , I still do my best to sit in the customers seat and try to be realistic on price.
It is a common misconception that the florist ramps up the prices on these occasions, it is quite simply a question of supply and demand which makes your red roses , infact pretty much anything red rocket in price.
My wonderful buyers are already keeping a beady eye on what is passing through the auction house this week and rest assured the stands will be dripping with beautiful scented blooms , where my fabulous staff will pour their passion for the job into each and every bouquet.
Happy St Valentines Day