Four years ago go.botanica was approached by Lord Wolfson chief executive to NEXT.
Whilst commuting to Brighton in order to launch the new Flag ship store at Holmbush he became a regular customer and was extremely keen to incorporated us in the new store.

I have to confess that I always had my reservations, Railway station trading is what I know and I was dubious of how we would fit in with the NEXT scheme.

Needless to say we gave it a go and I have to say that not only were NEXT extremely generous with their terms they were also incredibly supportive.
However … It wasn’t long before it became evident that the NEXT shoppers , while being very impressed by our product were looking to spend more in line with supermarket prices.
The silver lining to this story is that obviously I needed to employ more staff to run the Holmbush site.

emilyWelcome Emily , fresh from college with a huge smile and copious quantities of enthusiasm.
As many of you will know from your own experience, she is a whizz ..some days I’m certain that there is smoke coming off her heels !

Em’s style has developed significantly over the past few years. We are all in awe of her enormous bouquets which defy her tiny frame .
An absolute delight to rub shoulders with on any job, Emily is creative, passionate, loyal and above all has a wonderful work ethic …in fact we have a job getting her to go home some days !