Now, there is nothing I like better than a bit of a challenge..oh , wait …I’m also partial to a sumptuous winter wedding.
Well I hit the jackpot last month with a job that will keep me smiling smugly to myself for months to come.
This Bride knew EXACTLY what she wanted and once I had convinced her that I was the girl for the job she gave me a pretty free rein and lots of encouragement.

The setting for this full-on fairy tale was HMS Nelson in Portsmouth; a candlelit ceremony followed by a banquet that would have turned Admiral Nelsons eye green with envy !
Centre stage was an absolutely magnificent table steeped in Naval history including the WW2 signing of the Japanese surrender ,this was to be the head table seating 14 guests facing front with a further ten guest tables.

Working from a sketch that I had translated from a magazine clipping that the Bride gave me at our first meeting we created the most opulent , over the top, dramatic top table arrangement imaginable ( unless you happen to be a Kardashian! )
Add to that two enormous silver candelabra, half of Waitrose’s fruit section blasted with antique gold spray and the piece de la resistance the keys to the Ward room silver ware cupboard !!!
To say that we were slightly nervous handling ceremonial swords worth more than my house is an understatement ! In spite of it’s stiff Naval image the organisers at the Ward room could not have been more relaxed and helpful .
The go botty girls worked pretty much solidly for three days preparing and arranging the table flowers to the point that the night watchman at Hove asked me one morning at dawn if I had stayed the night !!
I am a firm believer that you get out what you put in and we were all determined to deliver an exceptional piece of floristry.
I will let Jay Rowdens fabulous photos speak for themselves but a brief word on my beautiful etherial Bride.
As bold and extravagant as the reception flowers , the Bridal flowers were the epitome of delicate and serene, like a still life by one of the old masters.
The bouquets perfectly complimenting the delicate oyster colour of the Brides staggeringly beautiful gown and her maids in waiting.
I hope that you enjoy this window Into a precious , precious day filled with formality, fun and flowers.
I rather suspect that it is some years since the Ward room rocked this hard.
Congratulations Vanessa and Ben ! You absolutely deserve each other and if your life together is only half as vibrant as your wedding day you will be sailing in the sunset forever.