Yeah yeah yeah…. I hear you … another Hall Mark occasion right ?
There is nothing cynical about this date in your diary.
Even if your Mum is not your favourite person and you have no intention of buying her some £1.50 daffs ( it happens )
We all have a maternal role model in our lives.
This occasion is a celebration of the matriarch that guides and loves you unconditionally, in some cases this can be someone your own age.
Mothering has no guide lines, no limits it is something that comes involuntarily from within.
I was just eleven years old when I knew for absolute certain that I would be a mother…come what may.
I decided there and then right in the middle of a tour of my new boarding school by the beautiful sixth former Olivia Hames that I was going to be a Mum.

And that when I was a Mum my first daughter would be named Olivia.
Olivia Hames was the epitome of gentleness, kindness and serenity in an otherwise rather daunting environment.
Great qualities for a maternal role model.
I should add that at this point in my life I did actually still have a Mum,although unknown to us only for another few months.
A Mum that ticked all the boxes but that I had yet had the opportunity of forging a bond beyond infancy.
I have, subsequently had the good fortune of meeting many maternal role models, women who instinctively guide and support without judging.
Mothering Sunday is a gentle reminder / a good excuse to present a platform and pop your Maternal idol on top.
The kind of women I am talking about do not look for this type of adulation and thanks..they actually don’t even know what they do most of the time !
But you do..I do ..
Next weekend for me Is the best.
Mothering Sunday is about celebrating and giving thanks for someone’s constant indelible love and support.
Across the four go.botanica shops we will be whipping up scores of hand tied loveliness made with a genuine love of the occasion , Mother Nature blesses us with a glut of springs finest offerings this week and if your Mum is way too cool for flowers you can indulge her in one of our gorgeous succulent and cacti terrariums or one of our much coveted living wreaths.
Me ? Well I am a Mum …five little darlings to boot.
And if I were a gambler I would put my money on it being my daughter Olivia to choreograph the Mothers Day love that I receive.