I must be getting old ; the recovery period post Valentines has felt more sluggish than ever.
But here we are .. the redness has faded, the sun is shining and tiny bulbs are popping their heads over the grassy parapet ..hooray !

The new website has been exceptionally well received and I am touched by the amount of people who have called, written or popped in to say how much they love it ! It means a lot .
The refreshed web shop sales speak for themselves and we have all so loved getting familiar with the new designs.

Like a needle stuck in a 70’s LP here I go again. Team work team work team work .
Back in January I set the go bo girls the task of each designing a bouquet for the new web shop and, as ever they did not disappoint.

Each and every one produced beautiful detailed drawings with floral descriptions and insights into their inspiration. It was a beautiful thing on paper but particularly where our product is concerned…. you just can’t beat the real thing and the results are stunning ! Thank you my brilliant team, you are ace.

So, here we are with just weeks to go until our biggest flower celebration and undeniably my favourite….. MOTHERING SUNDAY.

What sets Mothering Sunday apart from the rest I hear you ask ? A combination of the glut of springy seasonal goodies, the days getting lighter and warmer and of course the perfect reminder to celebrate the matriarch in your life.

Easy to take her for granted because she makes few demands and her love is utterly unconditional this special lady will just as likely be as thrilled with a tiny bunch of daffodils as one of our luxury bouquets which kind of got me thinking .

When the girls were designing their bouquets, often the inspiration was a person . As florists we do this a lot, interpreting people in flowers . It’s such a personal and creative way to honour someone.