Hot on Cupids heels follows Mothering Sunday this year. It feels like we have barely picked the last thorns from our sore and swollen hands and here we are bracing ourselves once again.

Sumptuous Spring BouquetThere is always a flurry of excitement and a cheery air at the stands as the buckets and buckets of scented, sumptuous spring flowers are unloaded.

Regardless of what my iPhone weather tells me nothing says spring like a nodding daffodil, the delicate muscari, gem like anemones , fluffy headed ranunculus and of course the magnificent tulip to name but a few.
What better way to celebrate the person who gave you life than with an arm full of the seasons finest crop.

This year we have teamed up with The Point hair salon in Trafalgar Street to add an extra little treat for your Mum.

The Point is a lovely relaxed salon with a warm , friendly team of professionals on hand to consult and create your look.

Hove manager Emily is The Point’s most recent convert, after realising that my threats to trim her hair with my secateurs were verging on serious we finally managed to get her to sit still for long enough to be pampered and spoilt by the wonderful Ian.

With her beautiful glossy locks tamed and a cheeky little fringe in place go.botanica never looked so glam !
It is always a pleasure to work in conjunction with another local business and we are delighted to be able to offer this introduction in time for Mothers Day.

So….all you need to do is pick up some of your Mums absolute favourites from the stand, or give us a call and we can deliver on the day .
Nestled in each beautiful bouquet will be a card offering a 10 percent reduction on a visit to The Point.