wedding-flowersInterpreting the contents of another persons dream wedding, event or even funeral tribute can be a tall order.
It is one thing to be a skilled florist bursting with enthusiasm and fresh ideas but having the ability to listen to and translate another persons mind vision requires patience and often self restraint !
Over the years we at go botanica have had the pleasure of working along side some seriously stylish clients and some absolute nutters !
Whilst training our lovely new girl Lydia she asked me what was the craziest job we have ever had, and so it was with little hesitation that I regaled the details of the Alice in Wonderland meets Rocky Horror Show themed wedding !
Setting aside personal preferences and immersing ones self in a project such as this was challenging but we loved every minute ! We sourced giant tea cups which we sprayed bubble gum pink for the table centres which we filled with exotic blooms like black anthurium , orchids,protea, nutans and strelitzia , casually creating a tea party in the little shop of horrors !
A dramatic archway dripping with hanging heliconia and amaranthus greeted guests whilst they waited for the Bride to arrive in the hearse ! ( I kid you not !)
The clients were utterly delighted to the point that on their first year anniversary they repeated the order for the party of all parties !
Most recently we were privileged to do the flowers for a very strikingly themed wedding, day glow orange is not the go to colour for the majority of Brides and pumpkin pew ends was certainly a first for us but it looked stunning ! bold, vibrant and a real celebration of the season and all down to the brilliant masterminding of the Bride…..all we had to do was translate the brief !